Cape Canaveral Launch Chronology
From January 2017 to Present
Copyright 1996 - 2017 by Clifford J. Lethbridge and Spaceline, Inc.
  Date of Launch     Vehicle Type     Launch Pad ID     Mission Type     Mission Results  
  01/20/17     Atlas V     Launch Pad 41     SBIRS GEO-3     (S) Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous Satellite  
  02/19/17     Falcon 9     Launch Pad 39A     CRS-10     (S) Commercial Resupply Service To International Space Station  
  03/16/17     Falcon 9     Launch Pad 39A     ECHOSTAR-23     (S) Commercial Communications Satellite  
  03/18/17     Delta IV     Launch Pad 37B     WGS-9     (S) Wideband Global Satcom Military Satellite